Happy 10th anniversary to Skateboardin’ 2k6, a video I made with some friends during that magical time between graduating college and finding a job. We called it ‘2k6’ even though it was made in 2004 because we were hilarious. 

This was produced before online video was really a thing. I remember working reasonably hard on this for a day or two, hosting a small screening for a few friends, and that was pretty much it. In the past 10 years so many opportunities have opened up to cram short dumb funny videos down the throats of those I love. I don’t know what I’d be doing if I was born in a different era. It’s been a fun decade.

You can watch Sk8boardin’ 2k6 here, or you can wait 10 more years for the inevitable Criterion Collection.

This video is great and is pretty much the same thing as the videos Good Neighbor makes for SNL BUT from 2004, so, SHOUT OUT TO JEFF FOR BEING SO ADVANCED.

The making of the unreleased ‘Robocop’ video

…featuring some really uncomfortable interviews. 

I keep trying to figure out what exactly this behind the scenes thing is for and how it happened in the way that it did and how this girl got access to these two guys for what feels like a really long time (to ask some really not that interesting questions).

Anonymous asked:

Do you actually buy everything you post? What brands do you actually wear?

Most of the sneakers no, because I try not to buy any more shoes than I already have. 

I just wear bullshit AzN Hypebeast nonsense: Thom Browne, Supreme (but nothing with the red box, obvs), and random basic bullshit (like John Elliott t-shirts and Uniqlo pants ALL DAY).