Anonymous asked:

so conflicted over that hitchhiker video. don't know if i should watch it again or burn it with fire.

I had hit a mental block over the last couple of days with some work I was supposed to finish, and I listened to Hitchhiker on repeat and was actually able to get it done — which, sounds insane, I know.

Anonymous asked:

Who are some of your favorite writers? Any books you can recommend?

Eh. This sounds dumb but I don’t really read that many books these days, like I’ve probably read three books in the last couple of months (one of which is technically a comic book), but even that’s not at all indicative of the pace that I’ve read over the last three years and is inflated because I was traveling for a week. Most of my reading now happens on the internet (AKA the dumb person’s book — jk, the internet is not a book). That being said, I would (and have!) read all three of these books!

Game Change by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann (especially random to have read now)

The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair by Joel Dicker

Seconds by Bryan Lee O’Malley

Anonymous asked:

What did you go to school for?

English major, psych minor. Not sure there’s been any real association between what I do professionally and college stuff (most of the things that I think have been valuable life/professional skills are things that I think I would have accrued with any other major in school), except for the fact the first job I got out of college was via someone I met in college (Ricky).

Anonymous asked:

what are good places to get socks?

Depends on what kind of socks you want? I never thought it was worth it to spend crazy money on socks because the real difference between dope socks and mediocre socks is pretty minimal but the price can be pretty high. Also, I’d rather buy a ton of them to have options, rather than “investing” in a few expensive pairs.

Specifically though, although now it’s like every Korean kid wears them, the athletic three stripes joints from American Apparel used to be dope. But also most fast fashion places like Top Shop (where all of those vacation socks were from), Urban, or Uniqlo all make perfectly fine socks that are worth what you pay for them. If you like Happy Socks (which are fun and whatever), Gilt tends to have pretty frequent sales on them that are ok. I think 80% of my Happy Socks are Gilt-based (I FEEL HORRIBLE ABOUT THEM, JK LOL).

Now if you’re just going for comfort, you have to just get any and all NBA licensed socks, because those are far and away the most comfortable socks in the game, FOR SURE.