Anonymous asked:

can you do a bunch of power ranking on some of your favorite things ?

In no particular order:

  • work
  • the internet
  • stuff (clothes, sneakers, toys, etc.)
  • food
  • Korea and Korean people
  • ramen
  • pasta
  • french fries (but also just potato stuff overall)
  • cool looking things
  • girls
  • figuring out how things work
  • trying to understand why people do things

Roscioli: How to make carbonara

I straight up hate when people make carbonara wrong, especially because at its core it’s such a simple thing to do. If you want to add cream or peas or whatever, just call it something else, it’s not carbonara if it’s anything besides pork, egg, pepper, and cheese. 

Roscioli was hands down one of the best meals we had in Italy and pretty much at the top of almost everyone’s list when you google places to eat in Rome. Apparently they have these kits you can buy to recreate some of the more signature dishes. And now I’m going to go make pasta for breakfastttttttt.

Anonymous asked:

so conflicted over that hitchhiker video. don't know if i should watch it again or burn it with fire.

I had hit a mental block over the last couple of days with some work I was supposed to finish, and I listened to Hitchhiker on repeat and was actually able to get it done — which, sounds insane, I know.